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HowZon (SH) Trading Co Ltd.

HOWZON Gift & Premium is a manufacturer and exporter with R&D, design, production and sales.  We are strongly in developing gift, workmanship and high-quality items.

We possess strong technical power from design, development to production process with brand-new design idea, superior forging handicraft and high quality team.  Our arts and crafts are the fruit of art and technology.  Our main items include handicraft of precise casting copper, gold-plated and colored drawing on handicraft, resin electroplated handicraft, copper carve and so on.  

Thousand of crafts are available, they may be small home / office decorative items, medium size for gift and present, huge copper sculpture for outdoor decoration.  

Rooted in Shanghai with headquarter in Hongkong, we are highly pleased to be MOSCHINO Crystal's PRC exclusive agent and  INSPIRATION Paint Centre's Shanghai agent.  

We follow the objective of MOSCHINO Crystal to provide the domestic customers with high quality crystal which is more glitted and transparent.  Besides color-photo crystal, we have more products for your choice: crystal keychain, trophy, medal, pen-holder, perfume bottle, building mold, smoking gear, ashtray, vase, inside-carve, 3D carve, ball and so on.  Moreover, we shall provide you with totally polished crystal raw material and equipment.  Our totally polished crystal raw material is the fruit of crystal and its thin protection slice by polishing before with a special UV glue.  The crystals are protected by shrinkable film thereafter.  All you need is only to glue them together, nothing more! It is an intimate service to make the porduction more effective and efficient.

On the other hand, we shall bring the artistic, terse, fashionable INSPIRATION hand-painted oil-painting to Shanghai.  It will unwittingly reveal the customer's noble character and characteristics.

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