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Originality from Child Fun, American Artist Created Colorful Scul...[2009-10-19]
Herb Williams, who is living in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States, 34 years old, is be considered as a crayon artist second to none in the world. But he is not using crayons to draw, but use them to create various "jigsaw puzzles" and sculptures. The creative field of Williams is ...
China sculpture boomtown in hard times[2009-04-01]
Quyang, capital of China's once-thriving sculpture export industry, has fallen on this hard times since the global slump snuffed out orders for the European-style statues, busts and carvings that this barren corner of Hebei province has made its specialty. "We're hard trying to survive unti...
Irwell Sculpture Trail[2008-08-28]
Irwell Sculpture Trail The Irwell Sculpture Trail is a major public art initiative which has commissioned work from more that 50 regional, national and international artists in the five year period up to 2002. These include major sculptures by Edward Allington, Ulrich Ruchreim, Stefan Gec and Ia...
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