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The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition

The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition


The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition

The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition is intended to serve as a vehicle of communication among sculptors in many parts of the world. Central to the exhibition's concept is the challenge of creating works on a small scale which maintain integrity and control of sculptural elements. By using the format of a shoebox, artists show how they address the challenge of scale.

Exactly 121 small sculptures from around the world show how artists have handled the challenges of space and scale dictated by the size of a shoebox. An invitation-only exhibition, this exhibit has attracted a large number of well-known artists from Hawai'i, the U.S. mainland, Argentina, Cuba, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, and Mexico.

Each sculpture speaks for itself. Some works are conceptual, some reflect the artist's cultural heritage, and others are universal in expression. Collectively, the sculptures are a powerful commentary on the state of humankind at the end of this industrially and technologically driven century. Artists have used almost every imaginable medium to create their sculptures including cast metal, carved wood, blown glass, woven fiber, handmade paper, molded clay, desiccated vegetables, found objects, shaped lead, and human hair. Visitors can easily find more than one favorite work, and some have been inspired to make their own sculptures. 

This is an invitational exhibition. Artists will be selected from a review of slides, digital or photographic images (maximum 10) of the artist's work and the artist's exhibition record. Each slide or image must be clearly labeled with the name of the artist, title, media, date, and size. Resumes indicating the artist's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and exhibition record must be included.

There are no fees associated with the submission of slides/illustrations and résumés or upon invitation to participate in the exhibition. Slides and illustrations will be returned only if a self-addressed and stamped envelope is included. Foreign artists should only include a self-addressed envelope if slides or illustrations are to be returned.

Upon invitation only one sculpture may be submitted by each artist. Sculpture for the exhibition should be no larger than a standard size shoebox in display configuration (approximately 11 cm x 18 cm x 31 cm or 4-1/2" x 7" x 12"). Inflatables and works which must be disbursed in a larger area are not eligible. The work must be an original sculpture, model, or one of the first ten castings. Work done under the supervision of an instructor is ineligible. To avoid seizure by the United States Government, no sculpture containing prohibited or restricted articles such as certain wildlife products, soil, etc. should be sent. Please consult with the nearest U.S. Consulate for restrictions. 7nt AIR BASKET NETTED

Packing and Shipping
Invited artists will receive packing and shipping information with their letter of invitation. All works by invited artists must be sent prepaid and insured by the artist and will need to be received at the University of Hawaii Art Gallery by November 28, 2008. (Works coming from outside the United States must have a value less than U.S. $250 to avoid customs problems.) Return shipping and insurance will be paid by the University of Hawaii Art Gallery.

Traveling Exhibition
About 150 works are anticipated to be included in the initial showing at the University of Hawaii Art Gallery. Approximately half the works will be packaged for circulation to other museums and galleries.

All works must be available for the duration of the Hawaii exhibition and, unless indicated in writing by the artist, any tour (estimated 3 years). Works will be insured while in the possession of the University of Hawaii Art Gallery and for the duration of the traveling exhibition. 

Other Details
The University of Hawaii Art Gallery reserves the right to photograph and document all sculptures for catalogue or publicity purposes.

All sales inquiries will be directed to the artist or a designated representative. The University of Hawaii Art Gallery takes no commission on sales.

The submission of slides/illustrations and résumés shall be understood to imply agreement on the part of the sender with all conditions set forth in this prospectus.

Each exhibition artist will receive a copy of the illustrated exhibition catalogue. The University of Hawaii Art Gallery has a catalogue exchange with other museums and universities.

Catalogues from The 9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition (152 pages, color), the 8th (152 pages, color), the 7th (160 pages, color), the 5th (144 pages, color) and the 4th (168 pages, color) are available for $20 each (U.S. shipping and handling included). Checks in $US should be made to University of Hawaii Art Gallery. 

All slides/illustrations and résumés for consideration must be received by August 29, 2008.

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