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Sculpture Walk in Glenkiln Reservoir

 Sculpture Walk in Glenkiln Reservoir


This is not a megalithic walk but it is here because it is a very pleasant walk that might be of interest if you are in the area especially as surprisingly it isn't signposted and seems to be a hidden secret in the area. There is a standing stone near the path though.

Take the turn to Shawhead from the A75 just west of Dumfries and at the village turn right then next left. At the next junction turn left signed Glenkiln. Drive for a couple of miles to the reservoir and park at the end in a small parking space beneath a Rodin sculpture. 

The left is a sculpture by Rodin of John the Baptist that overlooks the reservoir.

In 1951 Sir William Keswick, who owned the land, bought up a series of works and sited them around the reservoir. Glenkiln is the name of his estate where he realized his lifelong vision: creating the world's first collection of sculpture in a natural setting.


This natural amphitheatre of rounded hills is the setting in which he presents a collection of modern sculptures by Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein and Auguste Rodin, all brought together between 1951 and 1976.

The walk that passes them is about 4 miles and is best in dry weather – we were lucky this day as it was the one between gales.

From the car park turn right along the tarmac lane and walk towards the bridge in the distance. You will come to a Henry Moore bronze of a standing figure on a plinth beside the lane. Glenkiln was a place of homage to Sir William Keswick's friend Henry Moore. 


Walk back to the car park and carry on beside the reservoir for about ½ mile until you come to a metal gate where a track forks away from the lane to the SW. Above on the skyline is a Henry Moore cross, I'm not sure of access as it is over fields. However just up the track you come to another Henry Moore sculpture – the King and Queen. This sits overlooking the reservoir and is well positioned. 

Its reflection is presented on the right.                                                                                                                                


Return to the rough track just below and carry on uphill, through a gate. There is a standing stone here but it was a quagmire to reach it and my photo was out of focus. Carry on for about ½ mile and where the path bends towards some trees there is a sculpture hidden in a small copse of pines nearer the path. 


The bronze statue of Mary called The Visitation by Sir Jacob Epstein among the pines.

The track carries on to meet a tarmac lane. Turn right here (east) and head back towards the reservoir. On the way there is another Henry Moore sculpture on the right. This is called Two Piece Reclining Figure and is a fibre glass cast. 

At the next junction turn left and keep left to return to the reservoir.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Two Piece Reclining Figure

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