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Wuhan Shangyifang Art Pottery Co.,Ltd

S.Y.F Art Pottery dedicated to the classic ancient chinese tradition of Arts and Crafts movement,is your source for quality antique chinese art pottery  reproduction,excellent to decorate closed and open atmospheres as well as halls, rooms, offices, etc.

Backed by over 25 years of experience making pottery, we focus on capturing the essence of the exquisite ancient chinese Arts & Crafts movement,real archaizing pieces that lovingly interpret the original chinese culture relics as well as those that reflect our personal styles and skills. All of our pottery is handmade from a stoneware clay and sculpted by the artist before being fired in an kiln. Each one carries the artist's mark and the date created.

We have 10 categories more than 5000 different styles now. From the first materials choice to the finished handicrafts we are managing to make everything exquisite!!!Please contact us in confidence as we offer an unconditional satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy.

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