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About Us offers information & news about carving & sculpture B2B. We're dedicated to provide you with the most comprehensive information about carving industry. For detailed information on carving & sculpture products, you could view the catalog on the left. For infomation on carving & sculpture manufacturers, you could send your inquiry instantly by filling out the form below the contact details on the company info page.

We are a qualified and most trustworthy searchable database and dealer locator. We wish all your distributors and your customers will come to trust Sculpture-info as the best place to search manufacturers dealing carving & sculpture products and shop for high-quality and exceptionally priced carving & sculptures and other related merchandise. You can always in our search bar locate your interested products that have handy links to inquiry. We ensure none of pop-ups or over clicks for you. also contains over hundreds of original articles dedicated to presenting you with everything you could want to know about carving & sculpture industry. Here you can find all kinds of modern sculpture, contemporary sculpture, Chinese sculpture, Greek sculpture, garden sculpture, wall sculpture, wood sculpture, metal sculpture(such as bronze carving, steel carving), stone sculpture(such as marble sculpture, jade sculpture), resin carving, glass caving and clay sculpture.

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