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Stainless Steel Sculpture (SFSS003)

Stainless Steel Sculpture (SFSS003)

Stainless Steel Sculpture (SFSS003)

Product Name: Stainless Steel Sculpture

Series No.: SFSS003

This sculpture is made of stainless steel 304#,with steel frame inside to strengthen its stability,hardness,and wind-resistance.Generally speaking,this artwork can even survive 12-grade wind.The height of the artwork is changeable up to the custom's request.

This sculpture are hammered out from enormous pieces of stainless steel plates all by hand.After piecing together,it will be polished.If possible,it can also then be painted with various color according to customer's request.

The pedestal of the sculpture will be built by the customers themselves,mostly with concrete,but we will provide you with shop drawings so that you can built it up locally, according to the drawing.

This artwork is perfect to put in such places as gardens,parks,city squares,industrial zones,or residential areas,and the like,to beautify your city and surroundings.Don't miss the opportunity to own the superb and finest work of art.Buy it now.

Attention:Custom-made sculptures are also acceptable and welcome for us only if you provide us with the design,measurements and relevant ,necessary information.

Stainless Steel Sculpture (SFSS003) Metal Sculpture offered by Zhejiang Shengfa Sculpture Arts Project Co., Ltd.

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